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Not a lot of movies create their own sort of universe. Some that come to mind include "The Wizard of Oz", "American Beauty" and "Vertigo". These movies are so distinct and original that they seem to have created their own spot in the universe, untouchable by anything else; and you can add 'Main Course Divorce' to that list.

The main question 'Main Course Divorce' raises is ”Where is this world going?” in terms of love and relationships and the answer provided is divine.

We can go and say it, it has been a while since we had such a cynical movie in our festival. Even though this short may seem pretty dramatic, the general vibe is absolutely hilarious. The holly sanctity of marriage is taken as an example of how we would react if this wouldn’t be such a big deal in society.

All the situations presented, happening in the same bar in the same day, are marvellous and unexpected. Even in literature, mass divorce is not very often encountered and there were very few writers that coped with this idea (or some form of it) in their literary writings. We are not talking precisely about divorce, but about sick twisted love-based situations that can scar the reader for life.

The movie looks colorful and bright almost constantly. The cinematography is neat, with very few flaws that are not worth mentioning. The score is very good and adequate, setting the mood for the “emotional massacre” soon to happen.

This short deserved more coverage. The subject is amazing, and it could be easily expanded into a feature film.


In short, Peter Stylianou’s 'Main Course Divorce' is charming, funny, kind of romantic (in a sick twisted way), bright and full of life. This is the perfect lighthearted short you want to see at the end of the day.

Written by Vlad A. G

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