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Molly (played by Sophie Simmons) has a vital exam. She is stressed and can barely cope with the anxiety. There is nothing she can do to overcome this prevailing feeling. Trying to find an outlet, she goes out for a walk on the beach. While walking there, she sees a man and hands him a sandwich, believing he is homeless. It turns out that the man, Tom (played by Vincent Woods), lives in a tiny shack on the beach, trying to cope with his demons. When the two worlds collide, they find answers to questions that seemed to have no solution until that point.


It has been a while since we've had such a heartwarming story to work with, and finding it now gives us great joy. The story begins roughly, and we live with the impression that the narrative will be built upon a trauma that finds no escape. Everything changes when Molly arrives on the beach, and the glowing sun, the calm sea, and the perfect color balance take the story to another level. The friendship between Molly and Tom feels familiar to us, and near the end, while listening to what was written in the letter Tom left behind, we knew where we'd seen a similar bond. In the movie 'Home Alone 2', when Kevin befriends the Pigeon Lady, their relationship blooms after sharing insightful conversations about life, being the voice of reason for each other. In this situation, we can see the same interaction that builds up to the perfect ending, delivering the peace of mind both deserve.

Matt Sedgley's 'Man off the Coast' embodies great poetic value in the scenery and the dialogue, being one of the few films we've seen lately that has the genuine power to make the viewer shed a tear.

Written by Vlad A. G

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