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Chandler Thornber’s short ‘Me, myself and Id’ tackles a sensitive topic many of us struggle with nowadays. Insecurity is everywhere, and for Rachel (played by Mickaela Sands), this insecurity comes in a three-way form. First, anxiety comes to doubt everything she thinks of; anxiety is the most powerful feeling when you feel discouraged, and everything you try comes under this filter that destabilizes it all in the blink of an eye. Then there is the ego that always projects an image we want to be seen when it comes to us, a sometimes superficial appearance that makes us look good even though we are crushed on the inside. And the third is self-hate, the worst of all, the root of all evil. Sometimes this one is so powerful that there is no other one that can even compete with it. To feel beaten and insecure is the worst, and most of the time, we harm ourselves.

The narrative of ‘Me myself and Id” may seem a little bit off initially, and one may need a little bit of time to understand what the story is about. Fortunately, after a while, the story checks out. The online dating part becomes more and more clear only after we see the second person talking and acknowledging they both share the same problems. We are aware that the pandemic messed with everyone including filmmakers, and this is one more reason why we got so many films made in a single room. It is a thin line to walk on, and many times the results are surprisingly unsatisfying. This is not the case with Chandler Thornber’s short, and that is because his story is built around Rachel and her inner demons. What is not on the screen can be quickly filled up with mental images. We understand the struggles of young directors in these times. We strongly believe that when the camera cannot tell a complex story, the mental pictures provided by a well-written dialogue can solve this so-called problem.

‘Me, myself and Id’ is undoubtedly the story of many of us, and we consider it essential for you to watch this film to understand that you are not alone!

Written by Vlad A. G

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