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Georgios Dimitropoulos’ short documentary stuns through a highly poetic nature of the film, both through the visual spectrum and the spoken word. The monologue is a beautiful poetic insert that follows the unwritten rules of the great classics, sending the perfectly balanced vibe of love and nurture through nature. But besides this layer, there is a more important one tackling the wildlife and its development.


Bees are one of the most critical species roaming this planet, and through our artificial activities, we put their lives in danger daily. Without bees, our world would be a chaos no one could ever repair. From this short, we understand the importance of these majestic creatures through an extremely beautiful rendition of nature from the Greek island of Kefalonia. There is a continuous bloom of colours from the wide variety of flowers found on this island, backing the message delivered through spoken word in ways we would never have expected. The poetry of images we see through various shots of nature blends in perfectly with the poetry of senses we feel through well-crafted words to foreground the delicate nature of the subjects - the bees.


As a general theme, being so eco-implicated, this short asks the right questions and also gives the answers to what can be done to be more careful about what this world will be like in the near future. We find it interesting that the message is so well put that people of any age can understand and pass it over. This should be projected in schools worldwide to raise awareness of what we could all do to protect the bees, even from a young age. Even the smallest gesture done today can be a lifesaving opportunity for tomorrow, so let’s take action as soon as possible.

Georgios Dimitropoulos’ short triggered something very personal in us, and we felt in his documentary a wake-up call we had been waiting for. Having shorts like this one restored our faith that the future is in safe hands!

Written by Vlad A. G

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