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It is hard to understand the human mind, to explain it, to describe it, to go further into perceiving it as an element that can be unveiled on a piece of paper as a perfect calculus. The mind is a difficult place to go, to change, and to reach. Andre Siqueira plays with this concept in ’Memories’, and makes the best out of it as it combines a love story, regrets, happy thoughts, and a large slice of bitter sadness that can be felt at each step.

‘Memories’ deals with the problem of letting things go, even though in this case those things are the memories one had gathered in a lifetime. Juliana (played by Caroline Roehrig) is on the verge of losing all of her memories, everything that defines her. As we can see, she has mixed feelings about this, because nothing she lived for is worth remembering; at the same time, there are other things she does not want to lose from her life. Her inner struggle is, basically, every person’s struggle when thinking about the past. There are things we want to retain, and for sure, there are things we really want to forget; but all of them are creating who we are, are determining the complexity of every individual. Juliana’s faith can be seen in two ways – she may forget who she was, losing herself as an individual, but at the same time, she gets the chance to recreate herself to a fresh start, to a new life. Based on this theory, ‘Memories’ has different layers of perception and understanding, being one complex short film that raises many questions.

What’s special about Andre Siqueira’s short is the deeply uncomfortable feeling of losing your identity. If you watch it, you will eventually put yourself in Juliana’s shoes and will ask yourself what you would do if you were in her situation. The answer will slowly eat you up.

Written by Vlad A. G

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