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The year is 1995, three years since "Danielle 'Dani' Carozza" (played by Taylor Brunatti) released her debut album, which was a success. She meets with her former songwriter Theo (played by Bronson Black), to reflect on their accomplishments. Her music is inspiring, and the tension around this subject is essential. There are many ways in which this career can go, and both Theo and Dani are talking about the numerous possibilities. The whole discussion builds up, and Dani leaves, living behind her swan song.

`The world does not revolve around you` - this is one sentence we are sure that ninety-nine per cent of musicians heard at least once in their life, even if they are substantial rock stars or one-hit wonders trying to go big. There is a specific emotional power this sentence creates and destroys simultaneously in a musician's mind and heart. When it happens to be said by someone, the atmosphere in the room breaks almost immediately. Coincidentally, the scene from `Meraki & The Swan Song' perfectly renders something that we've read about in many musicians' biographies, a sentence that somewhat changed their lives when they realised its real meaning. Dani storms out after hearing it, with valid reasons, but it seems like the tension of those words still floats in the air.

`Meraki & The Swan Song' is made up of two parts: the first one is reliving the past through the dialogue that brings it back with all the imperfections of human life, and the second part is the swan song, and what a song that is! It is tough to prepare for a movie in such detail as to write, produce and record a song, with a music video, within a short film, and what Eric Felizardo and Taylor Brunatti did in `Heavenly Essence' is the essence of this movie. The short film takes you on a turbulent emotional ride, and the aforementioned song proves that the light at the end of the tunnel shines bright and gives you a reward that you may never expect.

Written by Vlad A. G.

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