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At a wedding reception, one of the bridesmaids has to say her speech. She raises her glass, and things start to get crazy as her speech transcends to a confession of all the crazy things she did in the past years. As opposed to many other comedies, 'Mixed Reception' actually gets better as it moves along, as Joy unveils weirder and weirder events that happened to her, leaving the audience breathless with every passing minute.


'Mixed Reception' may be one of our favorite SNL type of sketch comedies we have seen lately. The buildup is exceptionally consistent, the jokes are incredible, and most importantly, the acting is flawless. As we have stated before, acting is one of the most critical elements when it comes to the success or failure of a film. Some movies can easily survive without superb acting, as these motion pictures can entertain the viewers in other ways, with special effects or intense action scenes. A film based on heavy dialogue cannot survive without at least one excellent performance by one of the actors. In this regard, Emma Richardson (who is also the director) is brilliant, delivering punch after punch like a boxer in the middle of an explosive match. If you are into sharp humor that can be crude at times, this one is for you. Do not expect a super plot or an unexpected twist because, after all, it is a comedy bit. You will laugh and you will have a great time watching it.

Comedies tend to drag on a little bit in the middle to get a hold of the story and build up to a hilarious climax and ending. Thanks to directors Emma Richardson and Will Austin, the level of humor in ‘Mixed Reception’ grows without any interruption and at some point you will find yourself wondering why you laugh at the weirdest situations possible. That is simply the result of a pure comedy (combined with some verbal brutality) that does its job at making itself memorable.

Written by Vlad A. G.

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