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In 1992, Radiohead released the song that changed numerous generations – ‘Creep’. The lyrics, dark and emotional, are describing the outsider, the one that doesn’t fit in the crowd: ‘But I’m a creep/ I’m a weirdo/ What the hell I’m doing here/ I don’t belong here’. Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss’ short experimental seemed to be the motion picture version of Thom Yorke’s lyrics, covering almost all the song in powerful black and white shots that are prone to make the viewer feel this video at a fully sensorial level.

The main theme we’ve spotted here is loneliness, a deep and painful loneliness of the one that is not like the others. Even though it is not the same situation, the intensity of loneliness was like in John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’, where in the context of the great depression, the general feeling was hard to be unnoticed. The main character, Ruth, has a quite complicated life, being able to use only eight percent of her sight, and being an albino. Even though her desire is to become an actress, this road is always paved with obstacles, and she has to deal with them in her own way. She doesn’t care if it hurts, she wants to have control, she wants a perfect body, she wants a perfect soul. Sounds familiar? Well, you’d better check the song we’ve mentioned before.

The whole short has the consistency of a poem, the inner demon of Ginsberg with the refined presentation of Celine. All the frames are caught up in a mixed dance that blindly expresses the explosive imagery of Bukowski. You will be watching this short having all these massive influences in your mind, and end up questioning what the hell you’re doing here, you don’t belong here. You get the reference.  

Written by Vlad A. G

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