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There is not a single word in ‘Mothersh1p’, yet it speaks more than a thousand words could do. Nathan Schiefelbein’s short presents an interesting and heavily discussed subject in a very particular and descriptive way: aliens and paranormal activity. On this subject there is more research done than one can count to in a lifetime, and still, every time a movie comes up dealing with a combination of facts from this spectrum, we all go crazy. ‘Mothersh1p’ is the kind of short that can make you go crazy. Let's see why is that.

‘Mothersh1p’ is not a short per se, but a series well packed in under fifteen minutes, with minute-long episodes that keep your eyes glued to the screen. Each and every episode is like a flashback from the night before, the moment of truth and regret. The score and the visual effects are the centerpieces of this short, and one may say it’s not enough. Well, as we’ve seen in music recently, you can make marvelous music by using just the bass guitar and a regular set of drums, so why not believe that a director could go and send tons of feelings through mellow visual effects and trippy music?

The narrative may seem flawed to some, reason why they might not get the whole story at first, but this is the great thing about ‘Mothersh1p’ – it’s created in such a way to let the viewers connect the dots in between the ‘episodes’, especially if they watch the whole film twice. We very much appreciate Nathan Schiefelbein’s work for the reason that he put enough effort in this experimental project in order to create a cursive storyline, and most of all, offered the viewers the right amount of time to not only ask themselves questions right after the film ends, but also answer them in their own mind.

Written by Vlad A. G

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