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‘Murder on the Reef’ tackles one really great issue that front-paged the newspapers all over the world in the past couple of years – the death of the corral-reefs. A documentary dealing with this important matter was really necessary for better understanding the problem our ecosystem undergoes every day.

Allen Dobrovolsky’s approach is complex and made it really easy for any viewer out there to understand what the problem is, where it came from, and in which way they can stop it. Problems like pollution and climate change are the main factors in ruining the reef once and for all. What is interesting to see in this documentary is how fast the man started destroying its own living space. As we understood from this short, there weren’t great issues with the reef some decades ago, but as the man started wanting more and began to fulfill the need of power, the surroundings suffered monstrous changes that now are almost impossible to be reversed. 


What we really appreciated in this documentary was the fact that Dobrovolsky didn’t only present technical information regarding this matter, but he managed to insert good and profound images to make his point. There are some underwater shots with dead corals that are really heartbreaking, and even if you don’t fully understand the process and the importance of this change, the shots can easily put your mind straight.

It’s riveting to watch a documentary like ‘Murder on the Reef’ for the main reason that it makes you wonder how much this world is suffering right now, and how little we do to protect and preserve it. For us it was a wake-up call, and to be completely honest, it made us realize how hard it is to perceive the sea world without this one great natural wonder. Allen Dobrovolsky did an amazing job with this short documentary! Let's just hope his message will reach as many people as possible regardless of their interest in mother nature.

Written by Vlad A. G

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