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Anthony Bennett delivered through ‘My Little Brother’ a lesson on how we should train our kids with all the new technology and how to make them understand the good and the bad sides of it. The story is really interesting: a brother narrates the so called story of his younger brother discovering the Ipad and the Internet in a very funny yet serious manner. The whole approach is extraordinary in its uniqueness and we can’t remember when it was the last time we saw such an inspiring experimental.

The narrator is William Bennett, a 5 year old boy that has a million dollar voice. Working with such a young actor is challenging, but the final result is totally worth it. William’s monologue is so deep and profound it will melt your heart.

The visual part is good but could have been improved a little bit at some parts where the video editing was pretty rough. But the animation part is really compensating for everything. It was really impressive how the story went its course and how the animation described in a perfect manner everything happening, without letting anything aside. The parts where the little boy talks about the fires starting every five seconds around the world and the part where the house is on fire were our favorite ones. It reminded us of the cartoons we used to watch when we were kids, and also to notice a very important difference: when we were of William's age, it was very unusual for us to think the way William Bennett does - he knows everything about ipads, laptops, how the Internet works, how to avoid the threats and so on.

'My Little Brother' is one great example of experimental filmmaking for the reason that it is really trying and succeeding to find a new formula of expressing ideas, in this case through the eyes of a child, having a great potential and at the same time being extremely enjoyable.

Written by Vlad A. G

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