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Andrea Baglio’s short movie ‘NATURÆ’ follows the human individual trying to reconnect with the roots of this planet; by being in a perfect communion with the nature, it helps the human individual develop in a more free way. At one point we can see the main actor being drunk and running through the meadow and then through the forest. This shot brought back memories from when we first read ‘Alice in Wonderland’, where the nature was not the backdrop, but another character, and even an important one…or if we take a closer look, the most important character of the book. And so is the situation here. In ‘NATURÆ’, the backdrop easily becomes the main character, overpowering the human individual. If we look at this from a psychological point of view, Baglio recreated the circle of life, where the human thinks they can dominate the environment, but in fact, little by little, nature takes the power back.

This short has a great potential for the use of the fragmentary shots, making it special and unique. This technique requires a theme with many layers of construction, and we must admit this one fits perfectly. The hangover and the drunken state the main character encounters whilst running through the meadow is in fact a reinterpretation of the ancestral discovery of the world. When the first man started discovering the world, it took a bit to get accustomed with the surroundings. What the main character in ‘NATURÆ’ does in this short is to re-imagine and reinterpret history.

Andrea Baglio knows how to tell a story. Every bit of it has a meaning, and the viewer has to be focused to understand every detail, only to decode the full meaning. As far as we were concerned, this short tickled our imagination and was provoking enough to keep us with our eyes glued to the screen. We recommend it to everyone who doesn’t have enough time to read a good short story, and that is because Baglio knows how to tell it.

Written by Vlad A. G

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