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‘Nemesi’ is the movie of a downfall…actually, a movie of downfalls! Whatever there was at first, it ends up being tormented like a building after a great catastrophe. This short movie has an interesting particularity that was spectacular for us – a circularity of events that build up in a weird way, and end up being the same having the same faith. We didn’t expect this, at first, but after seeing it, we are sure this short has a great potential of impressing the viewers in many ways.

The things that are collapsing like the skyscrapers in the final scene of ‘Fight Club’, are a university building, and a relationship between a couple that find themselves on thin ice. The comparison between the two situations was very clever, transferring the emotional status of the second on the catastrophic side of the first, in the beginning, and going to switch the processes near the end of the movie. Another important aspect is the downfall suffered by the young man who decides to pursue his faith, and takes the leap that took all the problems away. In this case, the ending turns out to be the freedom call.

Even though it doesn’t have the best cinematography or editing, ‘Nemesi’ has a great clever story that made us watch it with great pleasure and attention. The whole narrative seemed from the beginning that it doesn’t end well, and by taking this path and fulfilling the viewer’s expectations, Simone Ciancotti Petrucci got the ultimate stamp of appreciation from the public. The professor, played by Claudio Garrubba, has some splendid discourses in front of the students, walking them through the lands of cinematography and literature with great detail, proving once again our previous statement of this script being amazingly written.

We enjoyed watching ‘Nemesi’, and would like to see more in the same style, if possible. Director Simone Ciancotti Petrucci may not take it as a demand, but as a request! 

Written by Vlad A. G

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