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We don’t know if it was planned or not, but this film coming right after Halloween had the perfect timing. Daniel Robinette surprises us with a really fresh and interesting short, focusing his attention on paranormal activities, and dealing with life as one should do: with great care.

‘Nervous Breakdown’ presents “the unknown” in a rather creepy way. A woman is driving her car through the forest. At some point, her engine goes crazy and she is forced to stop. She has no idea what’s wrong with the car, nor does she know how to repair it. She thinks that the smartest way to go further is to walk and find someone on the way. The story then goes five years later when her sister is arguing with the local police officer about her disappearance, and the fact that no one knows even the smallest thing about this case. The story ends with a really unexpected twist that comes with a major freak-factor for the viewer. 


Daniel Robinette focuses in this short on a specific place that, as it turns out, comes with supernatural powers. The place in the forest where the cars are doomed to malfunction is the centerpiece of the whole narrative. And the place was not randomly picked, as the forest has been from ancient times a place of mystery and witchcraft. The character of Jane may be seen as the enticer, the one that throws the bait to the weak ones; when she argues with the police officer, she is basically throwing him a bone that, oddly enough, he went after. One may say we are believing in conspiracy theories here, but it was a little bit too convenient how Jane knew the whole plan all along.

This short has it all – original soundtrack, great cinematography, a talented cast, and a story that will both scare you and blow your mind for the simple reason that it can be interpreted in many ways. We bet you will end up watching and re-watching this short over and over again just to find new hints.

Written by Vlad A. G

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