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You know from the uber-famous song what sweet dreams are made of, but have you ever wondered what nightmares are made of? In ‘Noah’, Enzo Croisier manages to make some of the worst possible experiences come true in a film that is both brilliant and beautifully scary.

Noah and his father are cruising through a forest in their car. As the dialogue indicates, they are supposed to meet with Noah’s mother very shortly.  Suddenly, the father sees a car stopped on the side of the road, along two older women helplessly waiting for someone to help them with their transportation issues. As a good Samaritan, Noah’s father, Tom, played by Olivier Mathé, wants to be helpful, but this comes with some pretty nasty complications. As soon as he approaches the two older women, hell breaks loose. They are not what they seem, and the whole basic cruising experience reaches a new level.

This short film brilliantly focuses on the main characters, offering us some of the best villains of 2020. The two older women are impeccable in creating chaos and mayhem. If there is a way of appreciating beauty in chaos, this short is the sample we should focus on. Noah, a young boy with some health problems, manages to get over his struggles to find a way of keeping himself alive at first, and then offering help to the ones around him in need. His courage is outstanding, and for the viewers, this film comes with two lessons – the first one is the obvious one: to cherish every moment with your loved ones because you don’t know what the next few minutes can bring, whilst the second one teaches us to be brave no matter what, and you will find a way to survive.

The film gets a perfect score on all the levels – it has excellent cinematography, great acting and a story that could even get Shirley Jackson jealous. Enzo Croisier proves that you don’t need super extra special effects to make you shiver, and the result is without any doubt, spectacular.

'NOAH' is by far the best thing to come out of 2020!

Written by Vlad A.G.

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