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‘Orange’ is a black and white short movie depicting the story of Gizem, a desperate married woman who struggles with the issue of not having a baby. Her husband, Muammer feels out of place in this family and becomes estranged day by day. One of Gizem’s friends invites her one day to perform in her place in a pub, and that is the moment when Gizem’s life takes a turning point. The acceptance of this invitation is life changing in many ways for the characters and for the whole story.

This short brought mixed feelings to us. First of all, the black and white instead of color was a very good choice because it enhances the drama, all the scenes look more profound and all in all this short gets class. However, the subtitles are weak at some point and this is something we cannot let aside. The dialogue is very deep and filled with angst, as we can see it on the faces of the actors, but the subtitles are lacking emotion and accuracy at some very important parts of the story. The scene in the doctor’s office looks interesting but the vibe is a little bit different from the rest of the film and it could have been changed in a smoother way. On the other side, the score is quite good and covers some of the errors from time to time, whilst the cinematography and the editing are good enough to make this movie competitive, especially in the previously mentioned categories.

One thing that didn’t get to us was the story. Even though in the overview the movie is presented as very complex and intelligent, it was very hard for us to understand much of it without reading the overview and being very careful at every detail. And still it was hard for us to understand it as a whole and might as well be hard for some audiences. It brings very good scenes, like the one of the rape near the telephone post, a scene that is really something we would add to a “highlight reel”, but other than that and some other two or three shots worth mentioning, things easily fall apart.  

Written by Vlad A. G

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