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Douglas Vernimmen and Robbie Dickson’s promo for this book looks really interesting. We involuntarily see commercials every day, reason why we tend to skip most of them almost ninety percent of the time. When it comes to 'Oxford Through the Lens', however, if it was on Youtube for instance we bet we would not skip it that easy. Douglas Vernimmen and Robbie Dickson got the right idea by mixing photography with a soothing voice over and therefore made a commercial similar to those we used to love in the good old days.

The technique is almost impeccable, and we couldn’t ask for more in this field. Also, the information regarding the contents of the book is enough to make you really want to buy it and read it as soon as possible. On top of that, it makes you want to learn more about the Oxford life, interiors and  history as a whole. As we’ve said before, it’s hard to make a relevant, interesting, appealing commercial these days, and as the times are changing, so are the techniques. We’ve seen interactive commercials, 3D ones and even short videos designed to promote a product, making you wonder whether it’s a film or a promotional clip you're watching. But nothing beats the classic straightforward style that delivers the whole information needed in a rather intelligent, yet simple manner. 


Other than that, there is not much to say. It would have been really interesting if we got to see the book beforehand and understand the whole meaning of this trailer. Based on what we have, we’re definitely interested in buying a copy of this book and see if it can be as sharp as the promotional video. The amount of effort Douglas Vernimmen and Robbie Dickson put into the making this video to support the book is outstanding and it can symbolize one thing – someone really believes in their work, and definitely wants the world to fully appreciate it!

Written by Vlad A. G

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