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Sometimes in a film festival you have the unique chance to see a movie that really blows you away; the kind of movie you need to show to your friends and family that not only has a good point, but is also superbly done. ‘Papercut’ is one of those films.

"Papercut' presents the story of two actors going to a gala where both of them are nominated for a prize; the whole story takes place in a cab, where they discuss their whole life in a short period of time, and it looks like both their lives are going to change drastically even more so that no one knows they are in love, and so they've been forming a couple for some time. But life isn’t always as simple as you may think – in this cab ride the whole story takes a new meaning, and each and every one’s life is going to be changed until they reach their destination.

First of all, we have to applaud the score of this short: amazingly done, pointing the heartwarming moments with a soundtrack that will give chills to the spine to anyone watching Damian Overton's project. Also, the thing that really blew our minds was the acting – three characters, two main and one extra made the whole movie an amazing journey through the valley of deep feelings and extreme, impossible emotions. Josh Kieser and Kieton Beilby are the two main actors shining at every line they say; as a pair on the screen they work amazingly, and they are by far our top favorite pair of actors to perform such complementary roles. The third one, the driver, played by Donnie Baxter is the guardian angel of the first two. Even though he is not that involved in the narrative at first, his ending lines are purely golden, making him the one to put the cherry on the sundae. We can’t say more for the sole purpose of not spoiling the ending of this great piece of cinematography and for the reason that a lot of words would take away the magic 'Papercut' has to offer. Go watch it and thank us later!

Written by Vlad A. G

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