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‘Paracosm’ is the lost poem of a young Charles Bukowski, the poem of misery as a state of mind, the guilt combined with the power of finding the real you. A young married man is encountering a woman he strongly believes to be linked to his past. This event disturbs him and his life, making the everyday life routine more and more problematic.


The story is based on constant wanderings through the human mind. In ‘Paracosm’ the depth of the mind is the key factor of discovering the truth. To understand the human mind means to understand humanity. Every trip Mesut takes into discovering the inner self is the quest we all embark on to discover who we are and what we want from life. This quest sometimes requires years to be taken seriously, and many of us do not know how to acknowledge our true potential until it is too late. The lake, the beach, the constant feeling of taking the right decision is a synonym for how we deal with our lives and with our problems on a daily basis. In ‘Paracosm’, the life of the main character is taken to a different level of understanding, where it can be perceived as something poetic and meta-literary. 

The overall vibe of this short takes us back to some movies that polished our understanding of the subconscious mind: ‘Dark City’ or ‘The Truman Show’. We can’t point out exactly why this short reminds us of these two great movies but in a way both deal with a grim world in their own unique way, where superficiality is prone to be the queen of the castle. Here, in Bahadır Karasu's film, life is perceived as grim and mainly hard to cope with, and the only form of escaping it is through the alternate world from within us.

A metaphorical experience that you will definitely enjoy!

Written by Vlad A. G

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