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‘Pole Dance’ is a love song for generations that is now in formation, and doesn’t want to go back and take as a reference the old ones that have been around for so long. It’s a love song we all know and cherish, a love song that gets stuck in your head for ages. We used this metaphor, because the situation here can be easily compared to what happens in a good love song we obsessively hear on the radio.

A young man goes to a dancing studio to take pole dancing classes. He is dressed accordingly, with purple and shiny boxers, perfect for the action he is about to do. His trainer, a young and gorgeous dancer, does her best to try and teach him the secrets of pole dancing, being extremely skilled in what she’s doing. Needless to say, as a second plan action, she is in the middle of what it appears to be, a love crisis, or at least something in that area. The intimacy pole dancing requires gets her to be very close to her student, and from this moment on we all understand where this story is going. But right before we placed our bets, the movie ended in a cool way, leaving the viewer with the mental possibility of creating its own ending, in any way possible.

The pole dancing in this short is very exciting, and the way Gaelle Gillis and Quentin Marteau played their parts, made the whole experience even more seductive than we’ve imagined initially. Being in French also helped a lot, because, if you want to talk about love, well, do it in its mother language! Delphine Noels took a basic story and flew it through the roof with such actors that made the whole experience both intimate and personal at the same time.

Written by Vlad A. G

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