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Adrian Rodriguez’s 'Princess' is a movie you will totally want to see. The whole composition of colour, atmosphere, score and shadows, everything says about this short that is a new big thing.

The story is quite straightforward: 'Princess' is a young prostitute who works for a guy named Negro. He is in love with her and those feelings are visible throughout the plot as the short progresses. But the girl’s plans are a little bit different, as she plans to kill him and leave this business for good. As the narrative goes by, the story gets deeper and deeper in a way only South Americans can present it. And we are saying this based on our recent reading of Guillermo Arriaga’s 'A Sweet Scent of Death' in which death is perceived as a transcendental experience for all the characters involved in the narrative. And so it is in 'Princess' – death is the short story that follows the novel our life is. The way Negro sees death, and usually, the way South Americans see death is a piece of art that can be ripped off the context and still be a valuable lesson for the art enthusiasts.

As we've mentioned before, the technicalities of this short are very well highlighted. The colouring is amazing, and truth be told, rarely do we have the chance to receive a short that expresses so much only trough colour. The acting is very good, quite inspiring – we really appreciate when the movie is not only based spoken words, but also body language, and here this was dominant.

In the director’s statement, Adrian Rodriguez says: ”I chose to combine a calm dramatic sense of film with a playful farce touch.“ His way of combining these elements is perfect and the movie speaks for itself. So, if you are interested in a journey through the depths of life and death, 'Princess' is the right movie for you!

Written by Vlad A. G

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