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The whole corporate world is a jungle, and only the ones accustomed to living in a chaotic jungle will live to tell their story. We've seen documentaries, fiction films, and we've read books about the corporate world and how fast it is evolving and changing. Even the slightest wrong turn can eject the best person for the job in a split of a second. 'Professional Experience' talks about such an environment and deals with the clash of the two worlds – the ones continuously evolving and the ones that were there before technology powerfully hit the market. It is interesting to see how these two sides deal with their problems and find solutions to problems with a multiple choice answer. As a viewer, you tend to stick with one team or the other, but is that team right? What we understand in the end is that it is right and wrong, but not entirely in business, but in the people conducting those businesses.

The story finds a young man, Francisco, played by Eduardo Venosa, in a clash between two sides that work in the same firm. Being young and naïve, as this is his first job, both sides take advantage of Francisco's way. He is the go-to person to talk about different details regarding the business, and in the end, we will see that he is one of the few that are there when the company takes a new turn. But in 'Professional Experience', another actor caught our eye - Ricardo Amâncio, playing Reginaldo, the commercial director. There is something different to Amâncio's role, and we cannot point it out precisely, but we feel like it is the voice of a historical reason, an agent who wants to keep things as much as he can in the same way as they were. The final scenes where Reginaldo comes into the director's office are spectacular for projecting the means of power in a fight that seems lost from the beginning.

'Professional Experience' is a must-see short film as it points out the power roles and how they control the world even when we try to fight against them.

Written by Vlad A. G

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