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Father Cristopher, played by Michael Wolf, is sweeping the rugs in his church, alone and in peace, when suddenly an old blind man with a white stick enters the church. The man, Jarred Foremason, played by Tayo Aluko, is struggling with difficult decisions and seeks a place near the priest. He begins his confession by telling the Father about his wrongdoings, but the conversation quickly delves deeper into a rabbit hole of self-questioning for both men. As they talk, Father Cristopher feels his world under siege by difficult questions with no clear answers.

We hope to entice people to watch this movie while being careful not to give away spoilers. The dialogue between Father Cristopher and Foremason is deep and thought-provoking, touching on Biblical themes of life and death in a way that presents each perspective as valid. Father Cristopher speaks from the Bible, but Foremason's counterpoints puzzle him as the situation begins to make sense. Tayo Aluko portrays the perpetual doubter perfectly, creating the necessary tension for this short film. The climax of the movie comes at the end of the discussion, when Father Cristopher tries to return to his chores but finds it nearly impossible after the profound talk he had.

Michael Wolf's short film is like a well-brewed tea that needs time to open up and reveal its full flavor, but not too much time that it spoils the experience. It blooms like a cherry flower and goes away before you have enough time to process it, leaving behind a surprising and delightful experience.

Written by Vlad A.G

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