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Our life is precious, and we all deserve a second chance, a second try to do things right. ‘RES’ talks about the possible roads we have in front of us that can change our life for good. A woman gets out of jail and, as she arrives at the gates of the jail, two paths are unveiling in front of her – a good way, or a bad way. At first, she does not know which is which, but her life depends on the choice she makes in a split of a second.

‘RES’ amazed us with the powerful score that compensates for the lack of dialogue in this short. The narrative of the film was made in a way no words were needed. The choices made by the main character, the situations she is caught up in, the theatrical ending, all of them were ‘danced’ to the rhythm of the music narrating this story.

The main character played by Sarah J. Lewis does the impossible and impersonates two sides of the same person – the good and the bad one. The first one fixes her life after getting out of prison: she tries to make things right, and she is victorious in the end. The second one, on the other hand, follows a path of bad decisions one after the other. We can see her using drugs, selling her body for money, begging, and overall, destroying her life in the most horrible way. What is amazing is that Sarah J. Lewis portrays both sides impeccably, proving her unique talent.

Marc Zammet's ‘RES’ has the capacity to change people by the power of example, and we strongly believe that it should be screened in those places where you can find people who are forced to choose their path as soon as possible or where they are on the verge of giving up. For the lost ones, ‘RES’ is the flashlight that can help you find the road you’ve missed in the past.

Written by Vlad A. G

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