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Nothing is more beautiful than a pretty girl playing a BC Rich guitar…that was our first impression of this music video. ‘Rupture’ by Johaine is a music video that deals with the sensitive notion of identity, the identity of women in a male-dominated society. The woman here is presented as a faceless self that has a hard time being free. The male dominance is brutal as the woman looks more like a slave than an equal human being. We understood that for the sake of the story the directors pushed the pedal to the max, but it is a little bit over the line to see a woman being depersonalized in such a way in our modern society.

One interesting point this music video makes is the facelessness of the main character. Yes, we cannot see her eyes or her facial expressions, but we can see emotions represented in the unique form of a natural phenomenon. Fire, water, mist, smoke, you name it. There are all there on her perfectly impersonal mask. After being humiliated in the most horrific ways, the woman bounces back. When the partner tries to stab her, she empowers herself and turns the knife all the way around. When she is about to be bullied, she takes matters into her own hands and deals with this situation in the blink of an eye. But most importantly, at the end, the mask falls and she breaks it with her boot, meaning that she regained her full power and things are going to be alright from now on.

The whole music video is a metaphor for our society in the past forty, maybe fifty years. Nyck Maftum and Bernardo Deque produced a clip that can proudly stand near any feminist book published in the past years. The two directors made a powerful statement with 'Rupture - Johaine', a statement that will have echoes through generations.

Written by Vlad A. G

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