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A police officer interrogates a photographer in the case of a missing model. Something's not right about the story the photographer is talking about, but Mark, the police officer, cannot see the whole picture. When asked what beauty is for him, Charley, the suspect, responds in a weird yet exciting way, that leaves room for a lot of interpretation. All of his answers seem to have a double meaning, but to fully understand them, you have to get inside his head.

In 'Shutter', Andres Ramirez creates a fantastic type of character that can quickly turn the plot of the story upside down in the blink of an eye. Charley, played by JT Harper, is the pariah who has all the answers. He acts weird, everything he says seems to incriminate him, but at the same time, there is no proof that he did anything wrong to anyone ever. This kind of attitude is frightening and extremely interesting at the same time, being everything that mystery movie fanatics like us look for. Without giving away the plot, the best and most brilliant parts of the movie are the subtleties. Each question comes with an answer that makes you wonder why the photographer said what he said. Even though the complexity of the solutions is not entirely poetic, the message needs a little bit of time to be fully understood.

 One great trick that this film plays on its audience is making us think that by watching it again, we will be able to understand slightly better what was going on. The truth is that the more you try to make sense of the story, the more confusing it becomes. It is probably best not to seek to look for any concrete answers and just accept that we fell for the filmmaker's tricks.

People usually love the idea of a story where you are not sure who you can trust, and that is precisely what makes 'Shutter' such an exciting and provocative film!

Written by Vlad A. G

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