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We all have that dreamy, perfect image of Santa Claus: the old man coming every year on Christmas day and giving us presents, knowing who was good, and who was bad, drinking milk and eating cookies, not to mention the sleigh and reindeers that are able to cover the whole wide world in only one day. But who would have guessed that Santa Claus may be a Tyler Durden type that ends up in a new and fresh interpretation of Die Hard (the original…or some sort)? Well, Yippie-Ki-Yay, Emmanuel Delabaere did!

In ‘Silent Night’, Delabaere takes the whole miracle of Christmas and runs it through a high dose of cocaine and Vicodin, the result being an explosive and brilliant short action movie anyone would be thrilled to watch!

Santa Claus wanders around the world, spreading joy and gifts to the people when he suddenly bumps into a house where he isn’t welcomed. A mysterious man trapped in a wheelchair appears from the shadows and tells a story about how Santa changed his whole life course. The argument intensifies, and under suspicious conditions, Santa Claus passes out. The whole perspective on the narrative is changed after we see Santa Claus firmly tied to a chair, along with the mysterious man in front of him, trying to change the whole course of events.

We were deeply touched by the way this script was written, and how beautifully the lines were flowing from magic to horror and drama in just a brief dialogue part. Olivier Faursel plays Santa Claus, and this role is a total game changer, not only because it is awfully intense, but also because it still has the innocence (from time to time) Christmas movies usually have. The ending is astounding, and even if you are not ready for such an experience, you will still be blown away! If Irvine Welsh gets to watch this short, we bet he will be jealous, as 'Silent Night''s script can easily compete against any of his short stories in terms of craziness and style.

Written by Vlad A. G

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