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‘Soul Bones’ talks about a reality we are not completely aware of, and most of the time we tend to ignore it for many superficial reasons. The prejudices are hurting more people than anything else is, and as it turns out, we rarely see the evil we are doing to others through this.

A man is living alone in a house near a forest. All-day long, he is chopping wood and enjoys the silence of his own mind and of his own house. One day, a kid and his mother move next door, and the kid is looking to make pocket change and insists on helping the man with his duties around the house. At first, the man, named Baker, refuses, but he finds it helpful after some time. One night, the kid’s mom has a fight with someone, and Baker has to take her to the hospital. He is very quiet and refuses to interact with the neighbors without any explanation. As the movie ends, Andrew Huggins inserts the reason for Baker’s strange attitude, making the narrative become twisted in retrospect.

Andrew Huggins' short has a deep meaning, and it could easily be the story behind a successful campaign raising awareness on mental illnesses and false prejudice. Zach Ball, the main actor of 'Soul Bones', plays impeccably the role of a mad man who copes with his madness and fears. Even though it is not shown directly, he has a deeply hidden fear – the fear of himself and of his own actions. In the last scene when he is watching TV with the kid, we can easily feel the chills on his spine. He is coping with his disease very well, but no one knows if it will be for good.

‘Soul Bones’ has the power to inspire and educate the viewers, and we highly recommend it to anyone interested to watch a powerful film with a spectacular twist. 

Written by Vlad A. G

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