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Motivation is the key to everything. We learned this lesson from many movies over the years, but one franchise is still emblematic for this concept, a franchise that gave us one of the greatest role models, and of course, we are talking about ‘Rocky Balboa from the Rocky series. Watching those movies was a huge motivation for every teenager to start believing in themselves and gave another perspective upon life making each and every one of the fans want to be a winner.


Brian Kazmarck's ‘Standing Eight’ brings back to life that unique vibe in a short movie that is really a turning point for the fans. Dusty, a great boxer is diagnosed with an auto immune disease and so he’s forced to retire prematurely from his boxing career. This happens right before an important match, and the thought that he won’t be able to prove his value is killing him. Even though his condition is not allowing him to go further in pursuing his dream, he is stubborn in proving himself one last time that he really is the champion. How? Well… that is to be discovered in the short.

This short was created on multiple levels of understanding; first is the fictional level – an uplifting story of a man refusing to give up. Secondly is the informative level – this short was created to raise awareness about lupus, a disease that is way worst than one can imagine. Besides watching an inspiring short, the viewers are invited to get familiarized with a disease that may not be as known as others. Kazy Tauginas, the writer and the star of this short stated that he opted for this theme for a personal reason, and it can easily be spotted this fact by how deep and personal he played his role, giving an outstanding performance that can hardly be reached by an actor nowadays.

For its authentic atmosphere and the powerful subject it presents, bringing the viewer in the intimacy of the boxing ring and keeping it there until the last glorious frame, ‘Standing Eight’ is a must watch!

Written by Vlad A. G

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