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Arvind Jay's short film finds the perfect spot between a sci-fi film, a family drama and a Disney movie by having the suspenseful part in the beginning, a twist near the middle, and a happy ending with an excellent future projection in the end.

We remember watching 'Interstellar' some years ago, and at that time, it was hard to think that something that similar would come sometime soon. That 'sometime soon' is happening now, nearly seven years later, but it comes to fill a gap many tried to fill. 'Stargazer' reminded us a lot of the aforementioned acclaimed movie, as it follows the steps of Nolan's in a budget adaptation that looks and feels fantastic. The space travel parts are enough for many people to nerd about them as we know how big series like 'Starwars' and 'Star Trek' still are. 'Stargazer' is the kind of film that has a lot of audiences out there, and if everything goes right, we want to see it transformed into a feature film as soon as possible.

In Arvind Jay's film, the story and the pre-recorded message that plays for the people in the space shuttle is impressive. There is a bit of honesty in that speech, and if you are a rather sensitive person, it will touch parts of your heart in mysterious ways. And from this point on, the dramatic side of the film comes into play to put a strong feeling on the whole script that could have easily been about space travel and other outer space endeavours. At the same time, this film's score seems to be a significant boost in making everything stand out with a delicate touch of class. That been said, we are eager to see more of this, as it feels at the end like the story will continue soon.

Written by Vlad A. G

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