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Tim Walker's short talks about a support group for abused women that has a deep secret. One day, four women attend the same meeting of a support group. They are waiting for the support worker who does not show up, which we find out it's odd, as she is always present. As they are, the four women start sharing their experiences. First goes the newest girl – she had a tough life and tries her best to make it suitable from now on. All the women go sharing their traumatic experience until it's Angela's turn to tell her story. She has unresolved issues with her husband that constantly cheats on her, and she is now willing to give up on their marriage. Her report presents some flaws for one of the participants, and she becomes suspicious for a while. Angela (played by Michelle Jennings) has moments when she becomes insulting with the other participants, and one can see how uncomfortable the others are around her. In the end, we all get to know why all of these things happened.

Two things caught our eye in 'Support Group'; first of all, we dearly appreciate Michelle Jennings' role as the one that makes everyone uncomfortable in ways they cannot imagine. Angela is the critical character in this short, and Jennings rises to the occasion of shining in the spotlight through this role. Secondly, we are amazed by the level of detail Tim Walker introduced in this story. For example, when the group talks about crazy coincidences of some sorts, Angela inserts a valuable piece of information regarding her habit of collecting personal belongings from people she met. Then, cut to a minute or so late, we see a scarf in the photo of the missing social worker, which is at Angela's neck.

This short film comes with its secrets and easter-eggs, so all you have to do is to be focused enough to catch all of them, and in the end, as in a treasure hunt, you will get to find the truth that lies between a person's need to find and attack vulnerable people.

Written by Vlad A. G

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