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Cassie Kennan’s short movie 'TACO' can be seen as a breakthrough in the indie movie business, being made by an all women crew. As we’ve read in the bio of the movie, everything from cameras to the poster was made exclusively by women. To be honest, this is amazing; in a business mainly dominated by men, to find a whole crew of women and to make a short movie as good as this one, with a funny subject and even funnier characters, is really impressive.

'TACO' tells the story of two thirty-something women at a bar, having some glasses of different alcoholic beverages. At this age, they’ve seen many things and both know very well the moves men do to impress and attract women. They even decode some of the tricks performed by the men in the pub they are in. After one crazy drinking night they want to change their lives – they both decide to become lesbians. The reasons are pretty obvious hence nothing can undo their decision. They go along with this plan for a short period of time, only to realize the ugly truth towards the end of the short. But, to put it another way, the end wasn’t really the end…when the two women are on the terrace coming to their senses, right near them are two guys who are willing to go on their own path of changing their future. The whole circle is complete, and the film gets not only a new meaning, but a circularity that raises the whole value of the script.

The comedic background of this short comes from the dialogue as well as from the twisted acting of the two main characters. Almost every line between the two women ends with a laugh from the viewer. Also, when it comes to twisted acting – taking twisted as a positive and funny adjective - the club scenes and the dancing scenes are the main parts; there is a great comedic potential there and without them, this short wouldn’t have been the same.

All in all, 'TACO' doesn't disappoint. It is a great short movie to watch, a good laugh and a life lesson. We are not going to tell you what the life lesson is… so please go see the film and find by yourself!

Written by Vlad A. G

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