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Daniel Robinette’s 'Tethered' tells the story of a young boy living in total solitude in a remote forest. His mother gave him three rules to live by, and he follows them by heart, day after day. One day he refuses to obey these rules and wants to break free, to try some new experiences in life, to see how things go outside of his box. When he does that, the unexpected comes forward and his life changes drastically.


There is one crucial element in this story that we’ve found before in other movies, and the best example that comes to our mind is ‘Fight Club’. The element we are referring to is the concept of the “rule”. As long as life is bound by the rule or rules, things have an order, but when one or more rules are broken, the other actions fall apart like the buildings in the end of the previously mentioned cult classic. In 'Tethered', Solomon plays the tape from his mother every day and the rules are driving him crazy at some point. In both of the cases, breaking one rule will somehow have consequences on the others, and the whole system will collapse.

The editing of this short is amazing, and so is the cinematography. We’ve seen dozens of horror movies in this festival over the years, but there is something about shorts like this one that are able to make you cringe, even if the scenery is not that explicit. Also, the whole main idea was written in such a manner that will not only give you goosebumps on the spot, but will surely hunt you for some days too. The main actor plays a very difficult role, being in a special condition that makes life even harder. Did we mention that the main actor was blind? Now that you know this fact, read the whole review from the beginning and imagine what a great masterpiece Robinette has given us.

Written by Vlad A. G

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