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After watching the first two minutes of this short animation we thought that it will come with a valuable lesson suitable for every generation – everything comes at its time. Verni, a small and cute earthworm tries to find its place in this world. At first, Verni wants to be like the caterpillars and become a butterfly, to fly away wherever the wind would blow. Even though he couldn’t do it naturally, he tried to work its way into flying, and did everything possible to become a butterfly. But when this wasn’t working, the list of possible evolution matters was consulted and there were a few other options. It was interesting to go on that path we mentioned before, the one of ‘everything at its time’, to become a short animation with a one hundred percent motivational message. Instead it went on another path, being the cute story every child would resonate to.

In fact, the story of the worm trying to fit in somewhere has some deep meanings we really liked, leaving the clear message of ‘be happy with what you are’ and 'don’t try to change only to fit in'. But we believe that this may be only an adult’s point of view; for the kids watching this, the whole message would be to ‘do whatever you want, nobody can stop you’, and frankly this is a very important message we hardly see or read about today.

The score, along with the animation as a whole are suitable for all ages, being extremely viewer friendly. Even though it looks pretty simple, the whole short animation is filled with good advices and life lessons. No one should stay between you and your dream, and if every kid learns this from a young age, the next generation would be the difference we all dream about. Anna Gentilini's ‘The Amazing Little Worm’ may be the change we want to see in this world!

Written by Vlad A. G

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