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Bogdan Andreescu Delapalanca follows in ‘The birth of a Violin’ the journey of a piece of wood from a regular log to a masterpiece. This short documentary presents the birth of music as we know it. Don’t believe us? Well, we will try to demonstrate this in the next few lines.

From the beginning of time, humans have been interested in producing sounds and playing with them. The classical music as we know it is based mainly on violins, and we cannot imagine how it would have been without this majestic instrument. Delapalanca takes us on a step by step journey through the craft of perfect sound. We can see at some point how the luthier looks for the perfect wood, then how the wood is detailed until it makes the perfect full sound. This craft is really hard to find today, and having such a short documentary depicting the road a violin has to travel from the craft shop straight to our hearts is really a great piece.

Even though we love the general theme of this project, there are some issues when it comes to its production. The cinematography has some flaws, the image is blurry and unclear, and all in all, it gives an uncomfortable feeling to the viewer. We tried to get pass through this issue, but it is almost impossible as the short doesn’t change the phase at all. Maybe the subject is amazingly good, but the effort put into making it on screen is less than one would expect. We’re deeply sorry for this and hope that in the future, Delapalanca will consider retouching the project or maybe reboot it. That's because it really deserves a better general presentation.

Written by Sebastian Rodriguez

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