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In the last couple of years the short story genre had exploded, reason why every month we discover new great books that are truly impressive in this matter. We don’t know if it’s because of the times we’re living right now, but the stories are inspired from reality, and most of the times they contain a tiny twist that represents the key of the narrative. Jacob Thomas Pilgaard demonstrates once again that these stories are perfect for the screen, and made another film that got to us right from the minute it started.


After watching ‘Behold Such Clown’, another film of Jacob Pilgaard, we knew that the mastermind behind that amazing piece will come back with something at least as better as the previously mentioned title. A young woman goes to a casting for a movie role. She is pretty confident, but her story doesn’t seem to be enough for the woman in front of her. The pressure is rising at the same time with her expectations, and Sara (played by Rikke Westi) finally snaps.

Pilgaard is a great director, and we are not giving away free compliments; we say that based on how recognizable his style is. We’ve had the chance to watch two of his films, and both of them had this in common – the impeccable way of creating an uncomfortable atmosphere that no one would anticipate. In ‘Behold Such Clown’ there is a shot of a clown getting ready for a performance and while nothing is predicting the next step, the twist does happen right there in front of your eyes. Here, the whole plot is set in one office, however don't be tricked by this small, usually dull space. It is there where the magic starts whilst the visuals are taking control over the viewer.


It is hard to write about this story because, as we saw it, it may have multiple interpretations, which of course is not at all a bad thing. Pilgaard has the skill to make the viewer question everything that happened in the film seconds after it ended, and this is also part of that ‘Pilgaard Magic’ we’ve come to love. As we’ve probably said before, Jacob Thomas Pilgaard is THE director who can make you lose it whilst going through one of his films, and as of today, he became one of our all-time favorites. ‘The Casting of an Innocent Woman’ is a must watch piece for every movie enthusiast who usually expects the unexpected.

Written by Vlad A. G

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