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‘The Death of Ian Hall’ is the kind of short film that is capable of making a whole movie theater end up in tears in less than fifteen minutes. We've watched it first with the usual intention to rate it and to see whether the story is worth it. But then, we found ourselves watching it again and again to a point when it literally knocked down our emotional inside. Sounds interesting? Well... we assure you it is!

The story focuses on a senior couple, living their life in pure and complete harmony. But under this normal seeming layer, a story that will change their lives forever is buried. Apart from this, the couple can be seen living their lives as they used to do it when they first met, some many-many years back: they dance, they read together, they are making love, basically enjoying each other’s company as much they can.

The two main characters, Ian and Catherine (played by Peter Higginson and Linda Goranson), have the kind of chemistry many can only dream about. Everything they do and say is extremely natural and innocent. In each and every scene they seem like they are living the best part of their life, and each day that is coming and they get to spend together will get better and better. We don’t know when it was the last time we’ve seen such an inspiring short drama that can easily take the viewer out of reality, and transport them into a new dimension where every second counts as a day... where every day counts as a year. The ‘kiss me goodnight’ scene that ends this short is the best, and at the same time, the saddest movie ending we’ve seen lately, but comes altogether with a poetical background of facing life as it is, and never being afraid of what there is to come.

An exceptional film project by Rick Bartram, from whom we would like to see more in the future!

Written by Vlad A. G

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