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‘The Far Away Place’ is a movie that really comes with a fresh vibe in the cinematic sphere. The story is focused on two characters that live independent lives, have separate thoughts upon life, and all in all, are pretty different. The only thing that connects them is the landscape where their history was buried at some point in their life. The first character, the male, has a deep and powerful voice and everything he narrates gives the viewer goosebumps. His interior monologue is filled with a poetic background, something that may not sound so special in the beginning, but as the story goes by, the viewer acknowledges the profundity and the depths of his words. The overall construction of the character is convincing enough to make the viewer fall in love with him.

The second character and the second story is told from a feminine side, a woman that finds her inner peace in the same place as the man we previously described. The desert presented in this short is the only place where, for both characters, the mind is free to go crazy and at the same time to meditate upon different issues. The whole trip through the desert is important for the woman, because she is following one of her memories to a place where everything makes sense. In her part as well, the dialogue is very well structured and a strange case turns out to be presented in a beautiful way.

We won’t spoil the ending for you, though the ending is the  most interesting part of the film. The narrative structure reminded us of Ernest Hemmingway, Nathaniel Hawthorne and William Burroughs and that is something that really caught our attention and will certainly catch yours.  If you have the chance to see ‘The Far Away Place’ do not hesitate as it tells a story you would never come to expect.   

Written by Vlad A. G

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