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Watching ‘The Forerunner’ reminded us of a TV series that was so innovative back in the day that it managed to stand out among tens of other shows that were running at the moment. We are talking about ‘Prison Break’ – the hit show of the late 2000s, the TV series everybody was talking about at some point. Why did ‘The Forerunner’ remind us of this show? In ‘Prison Break’, Michael Scofield was abandoned by his parents and was left in the care of his brother. At some point, it is mentioned that his parents are dead, but the information regarding their death isn’t clear. As the show goes by, and after too many plot twists, we find out the truth about his parents. The same truth can be seen in ‘The Forerunner’, but in a shorter version, with many fighting scenes, and fewer guns.


Ruth, a young girl, is prepared by her mother for a harsh future. Her way of doing it is cruel but understandable, and from one point on it becomes a life lesson. Ruth’s story may follow the quote ‘throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack’ – as her abilities are far more advanced than most teenagers' nowadays. She knows how to hide and attack, she is a great fighter and a mystery solver.  Hana Liu’s performance as Ruth is remarkable, being able to send the viewer into a unique emotional rollercoaster without any effort.


The ending is totally mind-blowing and unpredictable. You will notice that the key to the whole situation was in the small details Ruth was able to trace. She knew how to read the signs, how to follow the hidden paths, unveiling the truth right in front of our eyes. Tatiana Samano’s short has the potential to become your next favorite action thriller not for its fighting scenes, but for making you fall in love with the story she’s telling.

Written by Vlad A. G

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