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Chris Suffield’s ‘The Good Samaritan’ can be seen as many things: as a an incredible short story with a faded ending, a bit from a Crime Scene Investigation episode where the narrative starts colliding, or as a trailer for a feature film that will keep the audience with their breaths away in front of the TV. One thing we definitely disliked about this short was actually the fact that it is a short because once you’ve started watching it, your world gets twisted. The story of a guy losing his phone and contacting the person that found it has never been this intense and breathtaking.


‘The Good Samaritan’ has some great dialogue bits, and they come in the right moment. Suffield did his best to create a certain atmosphere that will make your blood run faster as the story goes by. Speaking of camera work, this short is rather simple in terms of technicalities, but the dialogue and the intense moments compensate with great ease. The woman over the phone is diabolical in a very interesting way, seeming a little bit like a villain from the hit series Breaking Bad, having the same twisted mind and almost the same cold blooded technique of dealing with her victims.

The only thing that wasn’t as we expected was the editing in some consistent parts of this short, because it seemed a little sloppy and frankly was quite annoying. But it didn’t matter that much since the story compensates for every minor flaw. If Chris Suffield thought it through, he will manage to find a way to expand this short into a feature film, and that is because it is a really sharp idea with tons of suspense moments, amazing dialogue and a crazy turn of events. Even the biblical title The Good Samaritan announced that something odd is going to happen, and the only thing we were waiting for was the real deed…and it truly and greatly did happen.

Written by Vlad A. G

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