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Michael Davis embarked into a mission that is half harsh, half mindblowing. In other words, he is doing a series that looks entierely made out of a group of people’s nightmares, seen through a magenta lense, with cool lightning, and hip music, sometimes brutal, or even grotesque, but always interesting and spectacular.

From the beginning we have to state that we haven’t seen the first episode of 'The Grimoire Chapters’, however we took the second episode, ‚Rem’, as representative for the series as a whole, and we will try to discuss it independently. More than that, we will try to link it to the series as we’ve checked it online.

First of all, 'The Grimoire Chapters: Rem’, was impressive in terms of cinematography and camera work. There are many scenes where the thrilling effect is boosted by an impeccable camera movement, and by the dim lights that are keeping this short within a spectrum of both the spectacular and the mystique. Elements like the stag head, or the scissors that was used to pierce the painting, are all inserted to reach the depths of the human sensorial perception whilst watching this episode. Even if you don’t know the story behind all this, when the scenes are rolling, you as a viewer, feel that something isn’t right and that anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

The fact that all of the narrative is placed inside a house, surrounded by walls, reveals a sense of claustrophobia. A suitable choice, we can say, as the story itself is going on that path, and the only way out that may be good for a quick break-free, is haunted with the daemons that are best kept secret.

When it comes to indie series, we are great fans of this kind of fantasy, the one that will not only make you shiver, but also will make you want to play another episode.

Written by Vlad A. G

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