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Thomas Draudt’s ‘The Hustle is Real’ is a must-see music documentary. If you are a musician or songwriter and you have ever questioned the importance of what it is that you do, you need to see this film, mostly because Jamison Harvey / DJ Prestige speaks about passion before anything else. Still, the way he does it does not involve big words and cheap gratification. Instead, he talks about his work and his love for vinyl music and how interesting it is to be a DJ who still uses the turntables for the actual vinyl.

The idea behind this documentary is remarkable because most of the time, when we talk about music and music entertainment, we think of bands that go to perform in front of a live audience. Not that we don’t respect them for doing that, but here, what DJ Prestige does looks harder than what most live bands do on stage, and we will explain why. When you work with singles, you have to be careful to change the disk on time; on top of that, you are in charge of the mood of the whole place, and doing so, you have to adjust accordingly. Harvey talks about the long hours he has to perform, showing us that this kind of devotion comes naturally straight from the heart.


The short captures some genuine backstage footage that looks purely amazing. For us, the scenes where Jamison Harvey is shopping for music by going through vast libraries of old school vinyl music are breathtaking as he seems to be the perfect example of success through hard work and infinite passion.


Without knowing it, ‘The Hustle is Real’ answers a lot of questions that were never adequately asked, and Jamison Harvey’s words become beautiful through their very simplicity and sincerity. We advise any artist to watch this documentary when times are hard, and that is because ‘The Hustle Is Real’ is one of the most empowering musical stories we have seen lately. 

Written by Vlad A. G

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