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To summarise Julien Cornwall’s film in a few words, we could go like this: a detective movie with a speculated crime scene. Even though all the action happens in the interrogation room at a police station, the energy and the vibe of the movie are extremely powerful.

Cornwall’s short has a great plot that literally keeps you hanged second by second until it ends. A very well known detective has been in this business for way too long to be impressed with minor cases. In two decades he has seen it all. But everything changes when a girl named Becky is found dead along the bank of Thames. At first it looks like a typical murder case, but things take a wrong turn. Even though it may sound like the plot you’ve seen a thousand times in your life in crime movies, 'The Inquiry' is equally smart and stylistic for a movie of this kind.

Being a debut movie for Julien Cornwall, it is good to be kind with the director and to encourage him for his future projects. In Cornwall’s case we don’t have to be kind out of politeness because he is, in fact, a very good director and 'The Inquiry' proves it as it is way above the debut projects of many great directors from our time we have had the chance to watch and enjoy.

In terms of technicalities, this short movie has it all. The script was tight, the theme fascinating, the acting incredible, the direction inspired, and the cinematography stunning. It is one of the few films we received in the past couple of months that deserves to be seen multiple times for some good reasons.

This movie has a raw energy that griped us every time we watched it. It is good to know that we still have directors out there that can say so much with so little logistics.

Written by Vlad A. G

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