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For the past couple of decades, we got to see documentaries and films about the WW2, and each and every one of them tries to cover the war from a different angle. As one may expect, not every project succeeds in doing so. We are always in awe when we see a movie regarding such a topic, covered from another perspective, and fortunately, what ‘The Soldier's Uniform’ does is beyond our expectations. Gary Kent embarks on a journey that we bet changed his life, and he knows for sure that those watching his film will also be moved.


The story of Zoltan Kubinyi, an officer of the Hungarian Nazi-allied troops, who was told to exterminate the Jews he was responsible for in the dying days of WW2, defied the orders and saved the lives of over a hundred Jews from going to the gas chambers. Unfortunately, while his story remains heroic, it is still unknown to the general public. Thankfully, through this short documentary, people will see how important every man back then was in following or defying orders. As presented, the story is an inspiration for all of us when crazy extremism seems to bounce back. In many countries, we see people going crazy over specific diabolical measures. This film is a history lesson for all of us to remember not to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers.

What we loved the most in this film was the reenactment of what Kubinyi did more than seventy years ago, reminding us of another tremendous WW2 related film: `Defiance`. Even though the latter is not a documentary, the way the Jews managed to find hope in times of extreme despair is quite similar, and it is beautiful to see that the faith in humanity was not lost all along.

‘The Soldier's Uniform’ is more than a documentary – it is a mandatory history lesson that everybody should watch and learn from. Without movies like this one to remind us of the past as it was, our whole world would be much poorer.

Written by Vlad A. G

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