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We were totally moved by this film. Daniel Robinette’s 'The Time Will Come' is by far one of the most impressive shorts we've had the chance to have in our festival so far. Daniel Robinette created in 'The Time Will Come' a poem that is so complex and well written it becomes scary at one point. But not “scary” as in ghost stories, but the kind of “scary” that is at the same time crazy and confusing. And we really enjoyed that. 

This short has a very powerful artistic value. Every detail that went into the making of it, from the cinematography to the meticulous care with which the props were mixed is incredible. So many pieces in such an intricate puzzle that all come together to form a beautiful yet multi-faceted film.

The acting is well-done. While not amazing, we would have to say each one of the characters was almost perfectly created and played in a great harmony along the movie.

The storyline itself is somewhat special in its thriller genre. But as the viewer takes a closer look, it has been magnified not only to account for today’s audiences, but to step past it, making it seem quite edgy for the average viewer. Taken exactly as it is presented in the bio, the plot is very interesting: A tale of two people. One carries the burden of loss with the potential for retribution while the other seems to possess an uncanny ability of insight. A dark journey of self-reflection begins when their paths cross.

The action sequences in Daniel Robinette’s short are all realistic and believable. The unique camera angles, innovative film processing and the inspiring soundtrack make 'The Time Will Come' a complete indulgence of the senses. As for the ending, it has to be seen to be believed.
This movie may scare the viewer, but then again, isn't that what good thrillers do?

Written by Vlad A. G

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