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David is a young man studying abroad. He was born in the United States, but his roots are Italian, and what is better for him than going to study in the country of his ancestors. Here he falls in love with a girl named Giulia, and from then on their love becomes indestructible. They have promised each other to make it work, and the struggle is real in this situation as the clock is ticking for David as he has to return home. In many ways and forms they have worked on a system to make it work afterwards, and as the decisive moment is approaching, their love should be ready for the distance. What happens next is the cherry on top, a cherry that we bet will be tasted by each and every viewer in a very personal manner.

Simone Ciancotti Petrucci made a film that every young person in love or without it should see. We have felt the disappointment, the promises, the involuntary lies because we all lived to experience them at one point in our lives. What is even more interesting in this short is the aftermath – when David finds out that their love is not going to transcend the real realm, he is crushed, not in a destructive way, but in a positive way. He is sad, but also finds the happiness hidden inside every sad moment just like you can find water in every rock. The moment of truth and closure is the one where you realize that life has plenty to offer you, and this love occurrence will not slow you down.

‘There Will Be Time’ has impeccable cuts between scenes, making the whole thing be experienced with passion and with genuine empathy. Petrucci melted our hearts for good with his film, but we are sure we are not the only ‘victims’ of his charms.

Written by Vlad A. G

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