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A babysitter, played by Thale Myhre, is home alone with the baby. She is doing house chores, and at some point, she hears some noises inside the house. Going through the house and investigating the noises, she finds that some windows are open. The power goes out, and now the babysitter is left with just a flashlight to continue her journey. But the batteries run out very fast, and she is left with no light. The noises continue to happen, and she goes into another room only to find her reflection in the mirror, a reflection that gives her the spooks.  An unpleasant view appears walking back to the toddlers' room. She finds a bloody hand going through a small door in the wall, and when she reaches, the hand grabs her. The plot thickens when afraid, and in shock, she sees a man coming inside the house.

We tried our best to summarize Martin Vrede Nielsen's story to a point where one could get invested in watching the whole short without giving any spoilers. The script is intense, and soon the story escalates in ways one cannot imagine. At first, we thought it was predictable and tried to see one step forward, but Nielsen put together a series of dramatic events that are hard to predict. The suspense is perfectly put together, and the ending is dazzling! Thale Myhre perfectly plays the role of a woman in distress due to what seems to be supernatural causes. As the doors and windows are opening, she goes and closes them back, a gesture we interpreted as a metaphor for self-conservation in times when the mind goes crazy. The distorted mirror reflection could also be interpreted as a sign of mental breakdown, a thing that you don't see very often in shorts of this kind.

'Things that go Bump' gathers a wide range of themes and motifs under the tutelage of a thriller. It's up to the viewer to find the meaning of the complex world Nielsen created. 

Written by Vlad A. G

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