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‘To Let Her Go’ by Wanyin Tang is that kind of short movie we were expecting in our festival for a long time. It follows the steps of what happens after the love is gone and one of the partners finds another person to live with. For one of the halves, the one that got hurt the most, this thought is suicidal and it is very hard to bear it. This is pictured very well in ‘To Let Her Go’, and the insertion of flashbacks from “back in the day when things were beautiful” is helping the story get depth and emotions.

The editing of this short wasn’t what we expected, but it is manageable. The only main problem we spotted was the dialogue, and not the dialogue involving lines, but the sound edit in the dialogue parts. Those two situations when there was dialogue between the characters are shaky and could have been done better. But the cinematography was good, the characters were adequate for the situations being, the storyline was both predictable and enjoyable, and we could say that all in all 'To Let Her Go' is an interesting watch.

Going back to the main topic (love in its many forms), here we have a piece that is quite unique recently in film. Frankly, there is some time since we had in our festival a short that deals with this issue or at least something remotely connected to this. The ideas developing in the main characters' heads range from deep anger to resignation. The interlude between these two feelings is as enlightening for the main character as it is life changing. He chooses to let her go, even if this destroys him inside, but he finds out that this is the right thing to do and going back to her would be a mistake. A good short about finding the perfect blend between the things you want and the things you need.

Written by Vlad A. G

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