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Craig Bettendorf is a true visionary! We say that after watching the pilot episode of a series that appears to be a really big hit on the market – ‘Treading Yesterday’. We were fascinated by the plot of this pilot episode because it’s not the simple and schematic idea that drifts apart whilst the movie is in the making; ‘Treading Yesterday’ is really on point, sketching a possible revolutionary series that might be your next obsession.

The story focuses on Eric, a middle age gay man living a charming life in the present day. At some point the main focus goes back in time to 1988, to Eric’s life back then, when the population was not so accustomed with homosexuality, and the intolerance can be seen more or less in every social situation. As we’ve said before, this plot seems super interesting and provoking, because we don’t have many movies regarding this point and this focus, and when it comes to series, we don’t recall having something remotely close to this. The actors are amazing performers, sending the viewer an amazing vibe. Even if you’re a slightly conservative person, this series will definitely make you come to your senses.

As every movie enthusiast around here, we’ve seen a couple of series in this life, but we have to be honest that ‘Treading Yesterday’ was not something we could predict. We took it as it was, having no expectations whatsoever, and we were blown away by the innovative plot and the tender yet edgy approach. There were some minor leaks in terms of cinematography, but when the movie is making a point we can easily ignore them.

We are one hundred percent encouraging Craig Bettendorf to move forward and do at least one season of this show (if he didn’t do it already), because this world needs imagination, and ‘Treading Yesterday’ is a necessary breath of fresh air!

Written by Vlad A. G

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