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Megan and Charlie decide to rob a shop to put their life together. They are in love, they both want the same things, and the fastest way to make some cash before disappearing with no trace is to break the rules. However, this plan goes south when something unexpected intervenes, and they have to find a way to leave the place as soon as possible. Charlie gets shot and his wound needs immediate medical attention, but they cannot afford being caught together by the police. Megan is hiding a secret that was the drive of the whole operation – she is pregnant, and the money would be more than enough for both of them to flee the country and start a new life elsewhere as a family. Thus, the ending is unexpected, with a twist that will definitely make your jaw drop.

First of all, we should focus our attention on the two main characters, Megan and Charlie, played by Lara Jean and Jono Cota. Their portrayal of twenty-first-century cowboys is flawless, especially when it comes to the old-school edge everybody is looking for, with a few new age elements such as smartphones or even pop-culture references combined with a genuine dialogue, all of these making 'Trust Issues' an enjoyable watch.

The ending scene where the camera zooms out in the sky is similar to the ending of ‘Breaking Bad’, and as in the aforementioned title, we can speculate that there is more to this than we can see. In the famous series, multiple theories are leading to Water White being saved just because the police arrived on time. Here, both of the main characters may receive the same treatment as ‘help’ was there. Andretti Dante's ‘Trust Issues’ starts as a crowd-pleaser, and ends up as a heartbreaking drama that makes you wonder whether the impulsive decisions we take are ever a solution.

Written by Vlad A. G

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